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  M L XL
Length, in 10.00 12.00 15.50
Height, in 7.24 8.23 9.25
Fit (lbs) 11 - 23 24 - 45 46 - 70
Fit (kg) 5 - 10.43 10.88 - 20.41 20.41 - 31.75

Our take on the classic smiley face combined with the classic tank top. Custom made for your furry best friend. 100% cotton for comfort and breathability (fiber content may vary for different colors). It is safe to machine wash and comes in multiple sizes, M - XL. For breeds with larger chests, sizing up is recommended. 

NOTE: Never leave clothes on your dogs unattended or for long periods. Garments can become tangled or stuck on your dog.

Another consideration- just because you are hot or cold doesn't mean your furry friend is. 

100% combed ringspun cotton (fiber content may vary for different colors)

Medium fabric 

For breeds with a larger chest, purchase one size up from the weight range. Dog tanks run small.

Smiley Face Round Ears- Tank Top



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       a person who seeks to promote animal welfare and social reform; a philanthropist. 

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