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Madeline Anne Zetye

Whether it is a quote, poem, book, or screenplay, her unique voice and distinct style are unmistakably Madeline's. Her passion for the written word has invariably interwoven with her life in LA as an eclectic artist and inventive designer. During her childhood in Michigan, her inquisitive nature was endlessly satisfied while exploring the woods and ponds near her home. Her keen imagination was free to flourish among her large family of artists. Their devotion to stray animals led to the endearing name The Zetye Zoo. Madeline's lifelong appreciation and respect for animals inspired her to write her children's book series, beginning with Marian the animalitarian.


   concerned with or seeking to promote animal welfare and happiness: pertaining to

   saving animal lives and the alleviation of their pain and suffering: groups sending

   animalitarian aid | an animalitarian organization | an animalitarian crisis.  



   a person who seeks to promote animal welfare and social reform; a philanthropist. 

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