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EU size38 - 3939.5 - 4141.5 - 4343.5 - 45
US size women7 - 89 - 1011 - 1213 - 14
US size men5 - 67 - 89 - 1011 - 12
Length, in9.8410.6311.4212.20
Width, in3.784.254.494.72

These classic flip-flops are from our exclusive new collection, Moth Gala - celebrating the world's most spectacular moths. All-day comfort is the name of the game when summer is on. Wear these fun flip-flops for all your summer escapades. With an easy slip-on design, a cushioned footbed, and top-tier printing fidelity, these flip-flops are a guaranteed summer hit.  

 5/8" (15 mm) thick EVA sole
 100% polyester suede sole cover
 Black PVC strap
 Multiple sizes

Moth Gala - Flip Flops (Amethyst)



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