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This blanket will be your kid's favorite nighty night blankie – it's super soft to the touch, and it is two-sided for double the fun! Depicted on one side is Marian (from the new book series, Marian the Animalitarian) tucked in cozy dreaming of all her animal friends. On the other side is the great-horned owl serenading her to sleep. 

 Material: 100% polyester
 Available in 3 sizes

Dreaming with Marian - Velveteen Minky Blanket (Two-sided print)



       concerned with or seeking to promote animal welfare and happiness: pertaining to

       saving animal lives and the alleviation of their pain and suffering: groups sending

       animalitarian aid | an animalitarian organization | an animalitarian crisis.  



       a person who seeks to promote animal welfare and social reform; a philanthropist. 

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