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Buy a first printing and a limited edition copy

of "Marian the animalitarian." This beautiful 8.50" x 11" hardcover book features embossing on the front cover and a 3D spot varnish effect on the back cover. Limited copies are still available, but only here on our website. 

Book Series - Marian the animalitarian

  • Premium Hardcover Book

    8.50" by 11" (Portrait)

    (64) Black/White & Colored Pages

    Early Readers 4-9

    Printed in EU




   concerned with or seeking to promote animal welfare and happiness: pertaining to

   saving animal lives and the alleviation of their pain and suffering: groups sending

   animalitarian aid | an animalitarian organization | an animalitarian crisis.  



   a person who seeks to promote animal welfare and social reform; a philanthropist. 

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