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Buy a first printing and a limited edition copy

of Marian the animalitarian. This beautiful

8.50" x 11" hardcover book features

embossing on the front cover and a 3D spot

varnish effect on the back cover. Limited copies are

still available, but only here on our website. 

MTA the Book

the first book of
a new series
by Madeline Anne Zetye


The Animalitarian book series is for early readers. Each book features a new story, a different kid, and his unique relationship with animals. All the stories follow a day in the life of these charming, animal-loving kids. Each expresses through their own story how animals enrich their lives and their gentle acts of kindness to
all living things, a virtue. 

The first book of the series, Marian the animalitarian, is a fun poetic read with challenging tongue twisters and delightful illustrations.

Gail Thompson


'My kids favorite new book!"


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   concerned with or seeking to promote animal welfare and happiness: pertaining to

   saving animal lives and the alleviation of their pain and suffering: groups sending

   animalitarian aid | an animalitarian organization | an animalitarian crisis.  



   a person who seeks to promote animal welfare and social reform; a philanthropist. 

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